Recently, an Australian artist created a human sculpture, named Graham, designed to survive a car accident. He has warped features– including a huge chest, an inflated head, and no neck– which are all designed to survive an impact at high speeds. His features would also protect him if he was a pedestrian in the line of oncoming traffic. His knees are designed to move quickly out of the way, and, if he is hit, they are designed to be unbreakable. He is unsightly, but he was built to depict how fragile the human body is in fatal accidents. Since human evolution isn’t as fast as the increasing speeds of cars, drivers need to be able to control their vehicles in order to minimize the chances of getting in a fatal accident. Being able to react appropriately to sudden, unpredictable situations and being aware of other drivers and the environment can make you a better and safer driver. Learning defensive driving techniques can aid in preventing accidents and fatal injuries without waiting for human evolution to catch up.

Read more about Graham, here.

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