TVC: Programs

Every month TVC will hold a Car Control Clinic, which is a class designed to educate new and seasoned drivers on how to minimize panic reactions and replace them with rational car control skills. The program features, emergency braking, reaction braking, swerve to avoid, reversing, and parallel parking.

Pricing will be:

  • $250 if you are using your own car or
  • $400 if you choose to use one of our fleet cars.

There is sometimes a practice session held after class, which is offered to those who have taken the TVC Car Control Clinic. This extra practice session costs $100.

Check the events calendar every month to find when Car Control Clinics are scheduled.

The basic¬†Corporate Training sessions feature situational awareness, emergency breaking, reaction breaking, skid control, swerve to avoid, and a technology session. From there, the session is customized to fit each company’s need. For customization and pricing please contact, Dave Hois.

The Emergency Service Training Program, is geared towards law enforcement professionals, medical teams, or emergency response crews and addresses evasive driving, pursuit driving, and critical awareness with reaction speed drills. These classes are also customizable to fit the needs of the group. For customization and pricing, please contact Dave Hois.

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