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Pittsburgh International Race Complex would like to welcome you to our newest offering. You may know Pitt Race as your destination for motorsports, karting, and performance driving education along with corporate events. However, we also have programs geared towards safe driving, emergency services, and accident avoidance of all kinds.

Total Vehicle Control is the central resource for all of this here at Pitt Race. TVC, as it will be known in short, is the umbrella over three safe driving pillars. First, is the public car control clinic. This program focuses on teen or new drivers as well as seasoned drivers looking for a refresher course. We focus on themes such as threshold braking and reaction speed in decision making.  Second, is the corporate driver training program. The corporate driver training program takes the car control clinic themes, and steps them up to fleet sized vehicles and includes addressing issues such as awareness and driving distractions. Finally, we have our emergency services training program. This program is geared towards law enforcement professionals, medical teams, or emergency response crews and addresses evasive driving, pursuit driving, and critical awareness with reaction speed drills.

Total Vehicle Control has the advantage of making use of the entire Pitt Race facility. The VDA allows participants to practice tight maneuvers and learn the dynamics of steering, braking, and turning, in a controlled environment. The use of the Pitt Race full circuit race track means that all exercises can be scaled up to practical speeds in a safe and controlled manner. You won’t find another program in the area with the assets and integration to create a customized program that benefits you, your family, your company, or the public more completely.

Please take the time to contact us with any questions and stay tuned to our event calendar for monthly public car control clinic classes, along with available dates for customizable experiences for companies or public agencies.

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  1. One of the calendars on the website shows a Car Control Class on Saturday October 28th; . while another calendar shows the next one as Saturday November 11th.
    I would like to be in the October 28th class, because I will be out of town on November 11th for work.
    I am a 46 year old woman who is scared to death to drive in the snow/ ice because of a bad accident years ago. I have always covered for this by living within two miles of my job. However, I recently married and moved out to New Beaver Boro ( sort of between Wampum and New Galilee). My commute is now 23 miles one way to work, and I am scared out of wits about this coming winter. If there is any way I could be in the October 28th class, I would really appreciate it.

    1. Andrea,
      We have enough room to fit you into the class. Please call us 724-535-1000 so that we may get you all of the details.
      ~ Sarah

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