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Items That Should Be In Your Car That Probably Aren’t

Accidents are unpredictable, you can never tell what day or time you may be involved in an accident or a breakdown. We want to make sure you are prepared for any unpredictable situation.


  1. Roadside safety kit

Roadside safety kits can be bought at most big name stores or online and can include items such as jumper cables, gloves, flashlight, batteries, safety triangle, first aid kit, poncho, etc. They include just about anything you may need if your car breaks down. Each safety kit is different so make sure you pick the best kit for you or make your own kit.


  1. Blanket

Especially in the colder months. A blanket will help you stay warm and avoid frostbite or hypothermia if you’re stuck in your car for a few hours without heat in the winter. In the summer a blanket can also be helpful to cover hot seats to avoid burns.


  1. Car Cell Phone Charger

As long as your car battery is working, you will be able to charge your cell phone. Keeping your phone charged is important to communicate with authorities, roadside assistant services, and family to ensure a quick response. A portable charger might be a good idea to keep in the glove box or center console as well. If your car battery is dead, you will still be able to charge your cell phone. Just make sure it is charged!


  1. Food and Water

Before leaving the house, grab bottled water and high-calorie snacks. If something happens while on the road you will be able to nourish yourself while waiting for assistance to arrive. Try not to keep the water in the car, heat can break down the plastic or the water could freeze in the colder months.


  1. Kitty Litter

Kitty litter is a great way to find traction if you find yourself spinning your wheels. A small shovel can help in this situation too. Kitty litter can help eliminate odors if someone (or a pet) gets sick in the car.


  1. Duct Tape

Duct tape can fix anything! In a pinch, it can seal a broken window or help hold a bumper in place.


  1. Utility knife, Multi-Tool, and/or Escape Tool

Having something like a pocket knife that has multiple pieces that can help you in many different situations. An escape tool could help you break a window or cut a seat belt in an emergency. You’ll have a tool for almost any situation you’re in. Just make sure you keep it near the driver, otherwise, it will do no good in the trunk or glove compartment.


This list could go on and on, and pretty soon you are packing your whole house up to go to the grocery store. This is just a few ideas of things to have when the unexpected happens.

This list was compiled from OnStar, Nationwide, and Progressive

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