Car Control Clinic

helps drivers prepare for emergency situations.

Car Control Clinic

If you are ready to be the defensive driver your driving instructor told you you need to be

sessions combine classroom instruction with real world driving exercises.

TVC provides instruction in situational awareness, driving dynamics, skid control, emergency braking, and accident avoidance techniques. Partnered with a certified instructor, students are introduced to the physics and dynamics of vehicle control and will maneuver through a variety of situations in a controlled environment.


Core elements of the program:

Situational Awareness


•Work one-on-one with an instructor to recognize changing road conditions, traffic situations, and driver distractions

•Every scenario that we create is designed to raise the driver’s level of Situational awareness.

Emergency Braking


•Our instructors deliver unmatched emergency braking exercises designed to foster car control and driver confidence. Our training vehicles are equipped to deliver meaningful threshold braking techniques, in a safe and controlled environment.

Reaction Braking


• Keeping adequate distance from the car in front of you can be a daunting task. Our instructors have carefully designed drills, to help students overcome their bad habits.

• Instructors will also show the drivers how to react if the person in front of them suddenly brakes.

Skid Conrtol


• Learning to anticipate a skid is important, and the techniques to correct it are critical in saving lives. Students learn to recognize the changing conditions that lead to a skid, and how to avoid that situation.

Swerve to Avoid


• knowing your surroundings and being able to maneuver the vehicle could be the difference between a serious accident and a close call.

• Students practice this skill multiple times to gain confidence behind the wheel.


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Check with your insurance provider to see if you could receive a discount for participating in our class. Some insurance providers offer a discount for those that meet certain time requirements. You can always have your provider contact us with any questions about our clinic.